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Late Dr. K.A. Dinshaw- If I had to attribute my success in the field of radiation therapy to anyone, it would be Dr. K.A. Dinshaw, my teacher during my study of MD at Tata Memorial Hospital. She played a pivotal role in my education life, guiding me through each and every situation I faced. With her experience in the field as the Head of the radiation department at Tata Memorial Hospital, she did not leave any stone unturned in my journey of learning. I miss her a lot and will continue my practice with her blessings.







Dr. Kaustubh Patel- I have known Dr. Kaustibh Patel since 14 years and not a single day has passed without which he has surprised me with his creativity and skill as a surgeon. He has been a really close friend and a guide at the same time. I look up to Dr. Kaustibh for he holds every value that a human being should possess, portraying him as a true doctor. What else would someone look for when a blend of skill, friendship and selflessness can be found in a single person itself?