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Why Dr. Vivek Bansal

Dr. Vivek Bansal has completed his post-graduation and has been trained at the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital. With more than 20 years of experience, he has unveiled and used cutting-edge technology in Radiation oncology. Dr. Vivek Bansal has revolutionized radiation oncology in Gujarat by setting up several private and corporate units in the state, many of them being the first of their kind in the country. He has been trained abroad extensively under the finest doctors and professors in the world at places such as Stanford University and the University of North Carolina, as well as at global symposiums and summits for the implementation of latest technology.

But more importantly, over his years of practice, Dr. Vivek Bansal has established a special relationship with his patients. He has always had a friendly and kind approach towards them and ensures that they feel safe under his guidance. He believes in sharing his knowledge and expertise with others and has done the same by mentoring many students over the course of his practice. His rich academic orientation is reflected in the fact that he has been invited to speak at various national and international conferences and has conducted numerous Continued Medical Education (CME) programs.


Dr. Vivek Bansal understands his social responsibility and plans to start DNB course in Radiotherapy so that students can achieve academic and clinical excellence in this field. Passion drives him to deliver the best for his patients who are his best teachers. He believes that every day is a new day and every patient teaches you something.


Dr. Vivek Bansal

Director-Radiation Oncology

Sterling Cancer Hospital

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